Thursday, 25 November 2010

Moving in

Well, here I am, back in the civilized world. I promised I wouldn't tell where I've been, but suffice to say they're not big on clothing. So as soon as I got and walked down the city streets, I couldn't really understand what all the noise was about. That is, until I was run over by someone paying more attention to my breasts (or maybe my ass, it's hard to tell sometimes) instead of the road.

Well, "run over" is a relative term. It's more like the car wrapped itself completely around my flawless calves and thighs, leaving my standing almost inside the passenger compartment. It wasn't until then that I realized I was wearing a lot less than most people. There weren't quite trains taking a detours over dirt roads to check me out, but everyone who could see was staring. It's pretty hot to see people still like me, but I decided it was time for some clothes.

45 seconds later, I'd gathered enough different clothes for any occasion. You'd think it's difficult for a girl like to shop for clothes, but once you realize I love my outfits as small and tight as possible, it becomes really easy.

Then, it was time for a place to live. Now, I've gotten used to large open spaces, so I decided to... "acquire" a particular penthouse I'd noticed before I left. Unfortunately it wasn't for sale anymore. Unfortunately for the current owner, that is, because I realize now that if I want something, I can just take it.

I jumped up to the giant roofgarden, landing right in front of the owner. He was tanning in his boxers, sure that nobody would see him. I've noticed a pattern in people who I drop in on like this that I call the Shock and Awe Reaction, it has three phases.

First comes the Shock at seeing someone suddenly appear in front him, and then the Awe at actually looking at me, he gave the standard Reaction of stammering and hardening. Luckily for him, he was a really fit, and pretty cute, guy, so I decided to "persuade" him to give me this place, instead of just taking it from him.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Finally back home

Hey everyone.
As you may have noticed, I've been out for a while.

There are a few reasons I had to leave for a bit. In part, I've been practising being me, which I'm sure you realize is a lot of work, and partly I made sure that there weren't any giant asteroids raining down on all your fragile heads. I've also learned that I should appreciate the little things in life, so not only have I decided to move into a little modest 400 square meter penthouse, I also decided to mingle a bit more with other people.

Also, I've learned to stop hiding, and that if other people have problems with me, I shouldn't have to deal with it. I'm here world, deal with it.

I'll tell you more about my return later.

Monday, 9 November 2009

More questions

There has been a lot of mention about your size and strength; however, you have other abilities don't you? Speed? Senses? Invulnerable? Anything else? As if you really neeed much more!

Well, I can run as fast as you would expect from someone who can lift a building with her pinky, which means, really, really fast. I also had people shoot me, had a mountain collapse on me and a nuclear bomb detonate between my legs and all that did was get me really hot.

The only special thing I've found is the ability to root myself in place. That's very useful when moving heavy things, to stop myself from simply sliding along the ground. It does take a lot of focus though.

What does it feel like to be such a powerful 19 year old female? It must be pretty heady stuff! Does it ever get to your head to be so young yet so powerful?

It feels wonderful, not just the feeling that I'm the strongest person in the world, but every time I use my strength, it's like a rush. I can do anything I want now, there's nothing anyone could do to stop me. Of course, I'm a pretty kind person, so I try not to hurt anyone. But things do tend to break around me. I doesn't really go to my head, unless you count what I do when I get very...uhm...excited.

But you don't have to worry about me taking over the world. That wouldn't be nearly as amusing as simply having all the fun I can.

So...umm...what does sex feel like now? You don't have to answer that...

It feels great! You'd be amazed how many positions there are when you're (at least) a million times stronger than everyone else. The only downside is that with my muscles, my uhm... needs seem to have gotten a lot stronger as well. Jason is really great (and I do mean REALLY great), but he's just one guy and sometimes, a super girl needs a bit more. Luckily, he doesn't matter when I go out with another man... or 10.

Questions are always welcome, even if I'm busy sometimes.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

My halloween

Things have been a bit boring lately, nothing really exciting to blog about, so I haven't. Still, it was halloween and I should tell you about that.

It was really easy to pick a costume this year. I just bought a stretchy purple bikini and a whole load of green paint and taddaaa, one she-hulk costume, muscle included. Of course, I didn't go trick-or-treating, but I did want to show off a bit, so I was in the street anyway, looking for a party, or just having a little fun by myself. 

Still, I felt my costume needed a little something extra. Unfortunately for the owner of a large pickup truck nearby, I decided that something would be a crushed car. Of course, it was halloween, so I decided to make a bit of a show of it. Some loud grunting (not that it was hard, but it's what people expect) and some massive flexing quickly drew a crowd. Some were muttering that my prop looked very fake, others were looking for hidden cameras. Most just stood staring with open mouths, as I folded the double, and double again before ripping off the tires and walking away with it.

I got a lot of compliments of my "costume", asking how I did muscles so realistically. I just smiled, flexed and told them "lots of exercise". When I finally found an all-costume party, I had to leave my "prop" somewhere. Smiling at the bouncer, I asked if he could put it somewhere safe, I'd put a lot of effort into it. I loved the look on his face when I casually tossed it at him with the same hand that had been holding it for hour and he completely failed to budge it an inch. It was even better when, after the party, I walked out to find a dozen people pushing and pulling on it without any effect. 

I smiled, put one hand under it and lifted it over my head. Leaving a dozen gaping mouths, I walked home.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Having diner

Just thought I'd tell you about this little thing here.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Email Interview - part 2

The rest of my reply, and to everyone else, feel free to email me with questions, suggestions and requests, I'm bored a lot these days.

What do your muscles feel like, is it like steel or soft like everone elses?

No, of course not. My body is much harder than mere steel. Jokes aside, it depends on what I do. When I flex my muscles, my body feels like steel to everyone, covered with a perfectly smooth layer of skin. When I'm relaxed, I feel like any other extremely muscular person; firm and strong, but not super, unless you squeeze harder. My body gets tougher the harder you push, so while yo could maybe press your finger half an inch into my shoulder, not even a jackhammer can get further than three quarters of an inch if I'm completely relaxed.

Where do you live and can I come visit sometimes?

Right now, I live in New York, but my address is a secret. Just imagine how many annoying people would come here if I told everyone. I could come visit you though ;)

Did you ever consider doing weightlifting or bodybuilding competitions?

Yeah, I thought about it, but it wouldn't be fair to everyone else. I mean, the current worldrecord for deadlift... I can lift that with my toes. I can juggle that with my toes if I wanted. It's the same with bodybuilding, I'm just so much bigger than all the others, there wouldn't be much fun in it. 

hmm, now that I think about it, humiliating some of those huge male bodybuilders could really be fun, maybe I should try it some times :p

Could you make me stronger to?

I don't think so. I don't think I can make anyone stronger, except the old fashioned way. Jason has been getting more more and muscular, I think that's mostly because of our late night (and afternoon and morning) "workout" sessions ;)

Friday, 16 October 2009

Email Interview - part 1

I got an email today, from an "anonymous admirer", asking me a few question that I thought I'd answer here.

"Hello Amanda,

I'm just a guy who has had his eye on you for a while and was hoping you could answer answer some questions I had because I think you're very attractive and I love strong muscular women.

How big are you muscles, especially your arms and legs?"

Well, that depends. When I'm not using my strength, I look just like any other fitness model would look on stage, my arms no bigger than 15 inches and my thighs only 27 inches, the same as my waist. When I really flex my muscles, or when I "work out" with something that's a little heavy, my arms can expand to over 50 inches and my legs will grow to 70 inches. My waist only expands to 42 inches, because the muscle expands over 2 inches outwards.

"What's the heaviest thing you ever lifted"

well, "heavy" is such a relative term. I never really lifted anything I considered heavy since I became this strong. Of course, I lifted some thing you would consider heavy, like a whole scrapheap compressed into a single barbel, or an old navy ship. The problem is, I can't weigh them, so I don't know how heavy they are... or were, because most of my toys/weights tend to break when I play with them for to long.

"How much do you need to eat to keep up a body like yours?"

Strangely enough, it doesn't seem to matter how much I eat. I once went without food or drink for 10 days and didn't really notice anything, but I can also drink dozens of pounds of molten steel without a problem. It's like my stomach can deal with anything, but I don't really have to eat. Of course, that doesn't mean I don't a nice candlelight diner and just because a barrel of whisky couldn't get me drunk doesn't mean I won't enjoy a nice glass of wine with that diner.

On the other hand, a hotdog and a cool beer are fine too ;) 

"Do you have any hobbies? things must get boring when you're so strong"

Well, when one of your hobbies is showing off your massive strength, it's not that boring. It's the little things that are fun. Walking through the park with Jason and just subtly bending the thick steel of a bench, just enough for him to notice, or parking for free because the meter had an unfortunate encounter with my cleavage.

I also took up sculpting. I just gather some different types of metal, fold them into a sculpture and then perfect it, using nothing but my own hands and my fingernails for the details. I'm not very good yet, but when I make a mistake, I can just scrunch up the sculpture and start over.

"How much do you weigh and how do you stop from sinking throught the ground when you lift heavy things"

Hey now, that's not a nice question to ask of a lady. Just kidding. I had to use a special set of scales to figure it out, but I'm just a little over 400 pounds, all of it solid muscle. It turns out I can do this trick (I don't really have another word for it), where I brace myself and become almost unmovable by anything. I just have to concentrate on it, and not even a speeding train could budge me. (that reminds me, I still need to take revenge on a certain train). That also works for not breaking floors and lifting "heavy" objects.

It's not such a good idea to do it in an elevator though, or a car; they tend to break around me when I do that. Well, live and learn :)

I'll post part 2 later.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The really big apple

I've been spending some time in New York lately, doing a little favour in exchange for the biggest penthouse apartment I've ever seen.

All I had to do was get rid of a 50 storey skyscraper, without scratching the buildings around it. A piece of cake. Well, I tried it first on a single floor house, but when I pushed my fingers into the solid concrete foundation and lifted it, half the house crumbled on top of me. That was fun, especially getting rid of the rubble, but that wouldn't really work for the skyscraper. When I asked Jason about, he mused that "If only you could lift it in a dozen places at once." I liked that idea.

First, I dug out a part of the foundation, using my smooth hands to scoop away reinforced concrete like it was sand, until I made a wide enough gap to put my hands underneath. When I was finished, there was a two meter deep slit underneath the walls of the building. Next, I put my hands underneath and threw them up, pushing the reinforced steel and hardened concrete up like it weighed little more than a feather. Then, in far less then the blink of an eye, I moved to the right two meters and repeated the move. In less then a tenth of a second, I'd done my trick on the whole north wall and could already seen the skyscraper tip over the side. 

I quickly ran to the other side, but halfway there I noticed a large bulldozer blocking my path. There was no time to move around, so I simple went through. In midstep, my foot carved through the four inch dozer blade, followed by my calve, which left a wide gap from the bulging muscle. Next was my thigh, which went through just as easily. When my breast hit the bulldozer, my nipples instantly hardened, punching out two little disks of metal which probably ended up embedded in a building across the street. The metal flowed around my body, either being thrown aside or crushed between my legs or in my cleavage. I loved the feeling of hard steel bending against my far harder body, the tingle I get from using my strength to exert forces far greater than any material can withstand. The only thing I regret is that I was in to much of a hurry to enjoy the feeling.

A hundredth of a second later, I arrived on the other side of the skyscraper, lifting the skyscraper there as well, then repeating it for the other walls. 

The sight for anyone watching would have been amazing. They would see a hundred Amandas, muscles large enough to embarrass any professional body builder, put their hands underneath a section of the skyscraper and effortlessly throw it up in the air, while a 50 tonne bulldozer exploded into a million pieces.

I just stood underneath, watching the building fly higher and higher, until it was nothing but a tiny speck, which disappeared as it started it's trip out of the solar system, making it the largest man made (or should I say girl made) object in space. It would have taken a demolition crew months to tear down the building, leaving them all exhausted every day. For me, it took a few seconds, and it left me hoping that the moving company had already put up the bed, because I was going to christen the apartment. Several time.